The Touch of Nature

Script l LAMÍGRAF (2016)



Lamigraf started its journey in 1976, thanks to the hard work of the people who believed in the project. 40 years later, people are still the driving force behind Lamigraf: maintaining the same spirit, continuously learning and facing all challenges to adapt to each moment. Lamigraf’s biggest asset is not their collection of designs, machines or our relationship with our customers. It is the people who make up the company.

The assignment of the project was to be able to share with images and words the connection between the material of the Lamigraf’s floors with nature. With this scenario, the client will be able to see first hand the quality of the product, because with this strong attention to the detail that allows feeling the texture like real. The structure of the script aims to intertwine both Mountaineer and Lamigraf worker to show the two roads that merge in the same spot: the nature brought to the client’s house.