Laura Blanco is a Filmmaker and Social Media Manager based in Barcelona. She also works as a film (and TV) critic and theorist and is a member of the ACCEC (Associació Catalana de Crítics i Escriptors Cinematogràfics).

Her research focuses on the relationship between the plastic arts and the cinema, with a special interest in the decomposition and vanitas proposed by the baroque. Her latest thesis analyses the come back of the so-called neo-baroque in the contemporary cinema and it aims to explore its influence along the whole lifetime of the seventh art.

During her years at the University, she felt attracted to TV fiction and started a project called Seriespot, an international blog focused on both American and European quality shows. This project led her to get involved as the main organizer of the Birraseries event, created by AXN and hosted for the first time in the Antiga Fàbrica of Estrella Damm. During those years, she also participated as a guest speaker in the Festival de Series by Canal + in edition held in Madrid and Barcelona.

From 2011 until 2012 she got involved in the film industry working as an Assistant Programmer at MECAL Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival. She was in charge of coordinating the international entries and also identify and curate powerful audiovisual content for different complementary sections. After her stay at MECAL, she collaborated as a communication assistant at Apokalipstik Working Title directed by the French director Gilles Gambino.

In 2013, she did an MA in Film Direction at ESCAC, where she had the opportunity to train herself in both script and film direction, shooting her first two professional works Sin Nosotros and Año Nuevo. During her studies, she also directed a music video for the British group David beats Goliath, nominated as a Best Music Video in the Barcelona Visual Sound festival. In this same year, she collaborated in different production as Assistant Director, including Marta por dentro and Superpoderes.

She never underestimated the power of a well-designed communication and therefore she decided to start working as Head of Communication in a company called Cru2001 S.L. The project included a traditional organic restaurant in the heart of the city as well as a complex of luxury apartments inspired by writers like Mercè Rodoreda, Carlos Barral or George Orwell. Her main duties were to create consistent branding, set up actions aligned with the goals of the company and redesign the online presence as well as creating different visual materials like photographies of the apartments, web design and social media content. At the same time, she started to collaborate as an editor in the cultural website For Free and as a Film Critic in La Cabecita and La Cultura no Val Res.

In 2015 she decided to shoot the teaser for her first feature film called Donna, starring Borja Espinosa and Annick Weerts. The project caught the interest of an international producer and it’s currently under development. In the meantime, she wrote La mujer sin ventanas with the Venezuelan writer and producer, Nellberth Córdova. She also did a few works as a scriptwriter and filmmaker for the company Lamigraf and in 2017 released La Tristesse, a short film starring Irene Jodar and Martí Salvat.

By now, she’s working as a Social Media Strategist at BIMCommunity and Zigurat Global Institute of Technology. She holds over more than 5+ years of experience in digital marketing and communications, with a special focus in the education and entertainment sector. At the same time, she has participated as a jury in the 20th edition of MECAL, L’Atlàntida Film Fest and more recently, L’Alternativa. In the 2nd edition of D’Art she was invited to present the most important film of the festival: Kusama: Infinity.


2016 MA in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
2016 Senior Technician in Community Manager and Social Media, Instituto International de Marketing/Universitat Abat Oliva CEU
2014 MA in Film Direction, ESCAC
2013-2015 BA in Audiovisual Communication, Universitat Ramon Llull/Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

2016 Workshop with Victor Erice: Documentary and fiction, ECIB
2014 Workshop in scriptwriting «My own voice» by Tomás Aragay, SGAE
2013 Photography and Cinema, GrisArt



2018 SEO/SEM Web Optimization,Femxa
2016 Morals Foundations of Politics, Yale University

2015 Masters of the Spanish Poetry, UPF
2015 Basic Digital Marketing Course, Google / IAB

2013 Social Documentary, CC Pati i Llimona
2012 Series 2.0: new TV narratives, UPF

Member nº 1749833 of the Associació Catalana de crítics i escriptors cinematogràfics, Barcelona
Inbound certification, Hubspot Academy
Specialization in creativity within digital media, UOC
AdWords Fundamentals & AdWords Search Certification



2018-now: Time Manager, New Events/Media Pro
2018-now: Head of Production, Incautas Project
2016-now: Social Media Strategist, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology + BIMCommunity
2016: Social Media Strategist, The Vibe (Film)
2016: Brand Strategist, Passion Tea (Verdelimon)
2014-2016: Head of Communication, CRU 2001 SL

2015-now: Editor, La Cultura no Val Res
2014-now: Film Critic, La Cabecita
2014-2015: Editor, For Free

2014: Head of Communication, 3D Film & Music Fest
2014: Communication Assistant, Apokalipstik (Film)
2014: Speaker at Festival de Series Canal +, Series Trash y Guilty pleasures: El otro mundo de las series, Barcelona

2013: Editor, Help my Cash
2011-2012: Assistant Programmer, MECAL
2012: Speaker at Festival de Series Canal +, Madrid
2010: Editor and Filmmaker, Betevé



2017 For a Sweet 2018 (corporative video), Lamígraf, Filming & Editing
2017 La Tristesse (short), script + direction
2016 Dins la cova (play), Filming + editing
2016 The touch of Nature, Lamigraf, Script
2016 L’Era dels Rew (play in Àtic 22) by Patty Santos, Head of production

2015 Ar an mbothar (documentary), Film & editing
2015 Donna (teser), script + direction
2015 La mujer sin ventanas (short) with Nellberth Córdova, Script
2015 Sube al escenario (short), by Hala Cherradi, Sript
2015 Microbarna (short), by Hala Cherradi, Casting

2014 Happy Brand Year! (corporative video), Filming & editing
2014 Sueño perfecto (short), by JD Martínez, Assistant Director
2014 Superpoderes (short), by Jaime Zaragoza, Assistant Director
2014 ‘Maisie & Neville’ by David beats Goliath (music video), Script & director
2014 ‘Dejó de serlo’ by Trece (music video), Filming & editing
2014 Año nuevo (short), ESCAC FILMS, Script & director

2013 ‘Yo grito…’ by Miguel Cativiela (corporative video), Filming & editing
2013 Sin nosotros (short), ESCAC FILMS, Script & director
2013 Friend (music video), by Benett, Script & director
2013 Polseres vermelles (TV series), extra


D’Art (2018) – Presentation of the film Kusama: Infinity by Heather Lenz
L’Alternativa (2018) – Jury
Atlàntida Film Fest, Filmin (2018) – Jury
MECAL Barcelona International Short and Animation Film Festival (2018) – Jury
Barcelona Film Fest, (2018) – Press
Atlàntida Film Fest, Filmin (2016) – Press
Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Cataluña (2013) – Press