Interiors (2015)
A collection of photographies made of a few design apartments called La Casa de les Lletres

  • interiors_la_casa_de_les_lletres
  • interiors_la_casa_de_les_lletres_02
  • interiors_la_casa_de_les_lletres_03
  • interiors_la_casa_de_les_lletres_04
  • interiors_la_casa_de_les_lletres_05

The main goal of the pictures was to capture the essence of pure home, being able to communicate with the guest that visits the city and wants to feel comfortable. The reportage was made using the natural light as a leitmotiv to explore the different rooms of the apartments.

All the flats were made with natural wood, design furniture and a special touch in the small things, that provides an elegant and different feeling from a common hotel.